Hydraulic Gantry System

Hydraulic gantries carry major advantages in the heavy lifting industry and are renowned for having the ability to lift and travel with exceedingly heavy loads without having the major cost implications of large cranes. Hydraulic Gantries also have the added advantage of being modular small units, allowing for easy access into restricted building areas, highly cost efficient site establishment and transportation.

Hydraulic gantries are often used in the metal pressing industry, due to the heights they are able to extend to without loosing a substantial lifting capacity and the ability to be operated under roof makes either  lifting complete units or their components a task of ease. Being wide enough to drive a truck under and having the advantage of tip and tailing loads also allows for flawless loading.

The use of Hydraulic gantries highly preferred to lift and position heavy loads in a safe and secure way compared to the traditional cranes where they often cannot be access. The Hydraulic gantries are definitely a more efficient way to lift and position heavy machinery or loads. They are used by laying rail that the systems travels on, in places where traditional cranes are not able to access, with the use of this machinery, our teams are able to move heavy loads from one place to another with ease in restricted areas. We highly recommend the use of a hydraulic gantry system as it is a cost efficient solution without jeopardizing the safety of a job.

Watson’s Rigging & Solution’s provide quality and professional hydraulic gantry hire services in the Gauteng area.  Hydraulic gantry hire can be leased for short or long-term contracts. We strive to provide the most cost effective service to ensure our clients full requirements are met. The hydraulic gantries provided by Watson’s Rigging & Solutions are equipped with features at a high level of safety and stability to ensure our promise of customer satisfaction.

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 Hydraulic Gantries (4PLS/2PLS):

  • 2 sets (each with four hydraulic jacks) of SBL 500 capable of lifting up to 500 tons per set.
  • A44, a four point lifting system capable of lifting up to 400 tons.
  • A88, a four point lifting system capable of lifting up to 800 tons.

Watson’s Rigging and Solutions is a leading specialist in heavy lifting using hydraulic gantry systems. We offer a large range of hydraulic gantries with lifting capabilities of up to 800 tons per set. Our hydraulic gantries include but are not limited to the A44, A88 and SBL 500 models.