Heavy Lifting

Over the years we have built a national reputation for providing heavy lifting solutions to our clients. We are well known for our specialization in heavy lift rigging services and heavy lifting for major components that are used across the world. Watson’s Rigging & Solutions are committed to providing gold standard services with continuous improvements to ensure the clients requirements are met consistently. We are known for our heavy lift rigging services in Gauteng and throughout South Africa.

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest standard by ensuring clients feel confident in the job being executed timeously and efficiently. We provide solutions to our clients that enable the job to be executed in a safe and secure environment. We have completed many jobs where we have been able to reduce the overall costs by implementing the most suitable solution set by our experienced operators, riggers and management. With the balance of experience, highly trained staff and the right equipment we have successfully and consistently achieved our high standard of customer satisfaction in the heavy lifting industry.

Hydraulic Gantries (4PLS/2PLS):

  • 2 sets (each with four hydraulic jacks) of SBL 500 capable of lifting up to 500 tons per set.
  • A44, a four point lifting system capable of lifting up to 400 tons.
  • A88, a four point lifting system capable of lifting up to 800 tons.

Crane Hire

We have access to a variety of:

  • Mobile cranes (ranging from 8 ton to 750 ton lifting capabilities)
  • Crawler cranes
  • Tower cranes.

Crane Truck Hire

A wide variety of crane trucks are also available for hire, ranging from 1 ton to 30 ton lifting capabilities. A crane truck has the added benefits of being able to access height restricted areas as well as the capability of lifting the load onto its deck and transporting it.


Having access to a number of different abnormal trailers allows us to be able to transport a wide variety of heavy loads ranging from 30 tons to 300 tons.


All our riggers are qualified Red Seal riggers. They have a great understanding and respect for the safety procedures which enables them to complete jobs without incident. Our riggers also have vast experience with super-lifts and have often worked along side global leaders in the heavy lifting industry.

Machine Moving

Having access to such a wide variety of machinery, equipment and skilled riggers makes us competitive in the machine moving market.

We have moved machines for a number of different industries including but not limited to:

  • Mining
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Aviation
  • Breweries
  • Automotive
  • Power stations (nuclear and coal fired)
  • Railway
  • Electrical (transformers, using jack and slide methods)