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Find Crane trucks in Gauteng. Being a market leader in crane truck hire, lifting and transporting various loads becomes simple. Choose from a variety of crane trucks and get the crane truck that you need including the option of hiring highly qualified crew.

Our wide variety of crane trucks available for hire range from 1 ton to 30 ton lifting capabilities. A crane truck has the added benefits of being able to access height restricted areas as well as the capability of lifting the load onto its deck and transporting the load.

Watson’s Rigging & Solutions have a wide selection of crane trucks for hire that will ensure efficient and timeous job completion at affordable prices.  We have worked with several clients throughout Gauteng and other areas in South Africa, with a high customer satisfaction rating in Crane trucks for hire in Gauteng.

Based on the client’s requirement’s we are able to provide a wide variety of crane trucks for both long and short-term crane truck hire. We ensure that the vehicles and equipment go through maintenance and safety checks before sending them out to the client’s location, thus ensuring that the vehicles are in good working order and the job can be completed timeously without any delays. For all your queries please contact one of our expert consultants who will gladly assist you seven days a week.

Watson’s Rigging & Solutions is one of the leading providers of crane truck crane hire in the Gauteng area. We take pride in our companies reputation and guarantee to provide quality and affordability to our clients. 

Our expert team is here to advise you and adapt crane truck service to fit each job individually. If you are looking for short or a long-term crane truck hire, Watson’s Rigging & Solutions is your answer.

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